Divine Interruption

Monday, July 01, 2019

The Best Laid Plans
Michael W. Smith had some problems boarding a flight out of Atlanta recently and explains what actually was at work.

My World Of Coke Conquest
My brother Mike and two of his kids visited over the weekend and wanted to go to the World of Coca-Cola.

My conquest of the world of coca-cola

Logan Simmons, Hero
Logan Simmons literally leaped into action, right through a Chic-fil-A drive thru window, to rescue a little boy.

Best Run Cities
Here’s the link to the ranking of the best run cities in America.

The Dreaded Fitted Sheets
I have never mastered folding fitting sheets.

New Music Videos
Two new music videos today. The first is Jeremy Camp “Still Alive,” and the next is “Your Name Is Power” from Rend Collective.

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