Kathy Troccoli: Mission Of Love

Thursday, April 18, 2019

By 1994 Kathy Troccoli was already a household name among fans of contemporary Christian music and was gaining traction in the pop world. Her 1991 release “Pure Attraction” had spawned the top 20 pop and Christian hit “Everything Changes,” along with several other songs that garnered major radio airplay.

Kathy Troccoli LP CoverIn 1994 her record label wanted another project with mainstream pop appeal and they released “Kathy Troccoli.” It was Kathy’s fifth studio album (plus the best-of “Portfolio). On it were the cross over singles “Tell Me Where It Hurts” and “If I’m Not In Love” along with the Christian hits “My Life Is In Your Hands” and “Mission Of Love.”

Part of the release publicity for this album was a live, national radio special originating from the ABC Radio Network studios in Manhattan that I hosted on August 6, 1994. Kathy and I reminisced about that and more recently. Here’s the portion of that conversation that dealt with “Mission Of Love.”

For more on Kathy, see the rest of my recent interview with her here.

From the 1994 “Kathy Troccoli” here’s “Mission Of Love.”

BONUS VIDEO: From that same album, here’s “My Life Is In Your Hands.”

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