Award Winning Haircut

Monday, February 11, 2019

And The Clippie Goes To
OK, maybe there is no official “Clippie” award, but if there was, I would have won it for my latest haircut.

The Great Chimp Escape
Bad weather in Belfast, Ireland downed some big tree limbs at the Belfast Zoo, and blew one into the chimpanzee enclosure. The chimps fashioned a ladder from it and escaped, a little.

A New Car
Sometimes you don’t plan on good things but they happen anyway.

Teri in our new car

Letitia Wright Acceptance Speech
Letitia Wright recently won the Rising Star Award from the British Academy Film Awards (BAFTA).

Romantic Restaurants
Here’s the list of the most romantic restaurant in every state.

Calling Potential Beekeepers
If you’ve ever considered becoming a beekeeper now is the time to get serious and order supplies if you want a honey harvest this year. The Coweta Beekeepers Association meets the second Monday every month, details here. Find a beekeeper group near you here.

Big Daddy Weave Video
Here’s the latest video from Big Daddy Weave, “Alive.”

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