Avril Lavigne’s Song Of Faith

Friday, October 05, 2018

Highlights from the week of October 1, 2018

Avril Lavigne “Head Above Water”

Here’s the concept video for “Head Above Water”

Here’s the lyric video for “Head Above Water”

Narnia Coming To Netflix
Not a lot of details on this yet, but here’s what I know:

If Self Driving Cars Were Southern

Ellie Holcomb Meets With Her “Editor”
Singer Ellie Holcomb has a new children’s book out, “Who Sang The First Song.”

The USPS Celebrates Hot Wheels
If only they had issued these stamps in time for Millennials to mail in their absentee ballots.

Totally Accurate History Returns
One of my favorite recurring video series is “Totally Accurate History” on Lightworkers.com. It’s been several weeks since they posted a new video, but this week there are two new episodes.

Tom Hanks & The Pittsburgh Penguins

Krispy Kreme In Ireland
This did not end well.

New Music Videos
I have four new music videos to share this week. First Jason Gray’s “Be Your Own Kind Of Beautiful,” then Zach Williams live at Harding Prison with “To The Table,” NeedToBreathe and “No Excuses,” and finally, Matthew West and “Something Greater.”

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