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Friday, June 22, 2018

Highlights For The Week Of June 18, 2018

Chris Pratt Shares Faith
Actor Chris Pratt shared his faith via an acceptance speech at the MTV Movie & TV Awards, where he won the Generation Award.

Notes On A Balloon
Lance Dunahoe found a balloon in his back yard recently. That started him on an adventure.

 One of the notes attached to the balloon

Good-Bye Koko
One of the most famous animals in the world passed away recently, Koko the western lowlands gorilla who had learned sign language.

Table For The Prime Minister?
Here’s one way to beat the wait for a table at a popular restaurant, not that I’d recommend trying it.

This is NOT the Prime Minister of Morocco

Bear Rescue
It’s not every day that a bear needs to be rescued from an SUV.

New Francesca Battistelli Video
Frannie released a new video this week, for the song “The Breakup Song.”

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