How To Live A Life That Matters

Monday, April 16, 2018

WatchesThere’s a popular TV show that’s filmed near where I live. One of the characters is a minister. In a recent episode this character said that he didn’t want to die a meaningless death. In the universe of this show death is a daily possibility and every character realizes that any given day may be their last.

In our own universe death is also a daily possibility; any given day may be our last. Yet most days our first thought isn’t, “Will today be the day I die?” Still, we know we are mortal, and one day will indeed be our last. That knowledge should affect the way we spend the days we are given.

The Psalms is full of thoughts on the temporary nature of our life on earth. Psalms 90 opens by telling of the eternal nature of God. Then the author (many credit this Psalm to Moses) turns his thoughts to mankind and our limited days. “In the morning they are like grass which sprouts anew. In the morning it flourishes and sprouts anew; toward evening it fades and withers away.”

In light of eternity our time on earth is terribly short. And while we who call Jesus “Lord” know that we will be with Him in eternity, we still have this time on earth to spend. How do we make our time, our life matter?

morning lovingkindnessThe writer of Psalm 90 says that a life that matters begins with the knowledge that life itself, as we live it here, is temporary. “Teach us to number our days,” he writes. But not so that we may consumed with the thought of death, but “That we may present to You a heart of wisdom.” And he also writes, “O satisfy us in the morning with Your lovingkindness, that we may sing for joy and be glad all our days.”

It’s an acknowledgement of God’s greatness and love and mercy that leads to a life of meaning, a life worth living. Seeking God’s will, allowing Him to work His will in and through us is how we live a life that matters, a life that once it is over is worthy of remembering.

And the writer of Psalm 90 realizes the desire to live a life that matters is only possible when God leads us and gives meaning to how we live and the way we spend our days.

I’ll be sharing from Psalm 90 during Midday Prayer Time this week, around 10:30 AM and 2:30 PM.

Mon 04/16               Psalms 90:1 – 3
Tue 04/17                Psalms 90:4 – 7
Wed 04/18               Psalms 90:8 – 10
Thu 04/19                Psalms 90:11 – 13
Fri 04/20                  Psalms 90:14 – 17

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