TBT: 1951

Thursday, January 18, 2018

This is a first for my Throw Back Thursday feature, a repeat performance by an artist. It’s not that I’ve exhausted the potential artists to feature, it’s just that this artist and this song are quite special to me. Bob Bennett was the second artist featured here (Amy Grant was the first), and that’s only because I held him till the Thursday prior to Major League Baseball’s 2017 opening day, since the song I played on Thursday 3/30/17 was “A Song About Baseball.” You can check out that entry and a portion of an interview with Bob here.

This week I feature another song from that masterpiece album, “Matters Of The Heart,” released in 1982. The song is “1951.” Bob co-wrote this one with Jim Fowler and Michael Aguilar. Last March I tracked Bob down and interviewed him over the phone. He shared a little about how “1951” came to be and what it means to him. It’s not entirely biographical, but the spirit of the song is applicable to many of us. Here’s the portion of that interview concerning “1951.”

There was not an official music video for “1951” so I made one myself. It features photos of my mother and father. And while for me, like Bob Bennett, the years don’t exactly line up, the song does capture the spirit of the love my parents shared and demonstrated for one another, the Lord and our family.

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