TBT: Kenny Marks

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Kenny Marks was a solid presence on Christian radio from his first album, “Follow Him” in 1982 till his last project, the 1995 “World Gone Mad.” In all, Kenny released 8 studio albums. His website describes his sound as “an AOR/Bryan Adams vibe.”

Marks created a fictional couple, Jeannie and Johnny, and told their story in a four-song series that stretched over 4 albums. The songs “Growing Up Too Fast,” “The Party’s Over,” “Next Time You See Johnny,” and “Fire of Forgiveness” tell the story of how the couple meet, get pregnant, separate, and deal with divorced life and a young child.

Kenny still performs, and he released an independent single, “Best The I Can,” in 2015.

Kenny’s career was at the dawn of the music video age, so not many “concept” videos were produced from his songs. But I did manage to find three. The first is “I’ll Be A Friend To You” from the 1989 album “Another Friday Night.”

The next two videos feature Jeannie and Johnny, Kenny’s fictional couple. There’s “The Party’s Over” from the 1985 album “Attitude” and finally “Next Time You See Johnny” which was on the 1989 “Another Friday Night.”

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