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Friday, September 08, 2017

Highlights For The Week Of September 4

When You Mix Up Alexa & Siri
So much technology, it’s wonderful, but also hard to keep track of it all.

Job Fair
Atlanta based GPS Hospitality owns 395 restaurants in 11 states, most of them Burger King and Popeye’s franchises. Georgia is home to 93 of those restaurants. On September 12 they’re holding a job fair at the restaurants with the hopes of hiring 1,500 people on the spot. More information is available here.

Fashion Rebel
The week began with Labor Day, the final day proper ladies and gentlemen are permitted to wear white for the season. Or is it?

Ghost Poster
Dave Cruse recently left the on air studio without signing out of his Facebook account. Jerry did his best to resist the temptation of posting on Dave’s behalf. But when Friday rolled around and Dave was still signed in, well a man can only resist for so long.

What Should Be Taught In Sex Education
The Barna Group recently published a report on what people think should be taught in sex ed classes in schools. The majority believe abstinence needs to be a part of the lesson plan. See the full report here.

Rob & Jerry In The Morning
To allow the Morning Cruise to focus on the impending Hurricane Irma for the Florida part of the JOY FM family on Friday, Jerry and Rob Langer filled in on the Georgia side.

Jamie Graces’ Next Mystery Project
Jamie Grace recently tweeted about a project she and her sister, Morgan Harper Nichols, have been invited to take part in. But she’s not saying much else about it.


Infographic courtesy of the Barna Group

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