JOY Comes To Macon

Friday, August 18, 2017

Highlights For The Week Of August 14, 2017

We’re Coming To Macon
On September 1, 2017 The JOY FM will be broadcasting into the Macon area on 102.1 FM (WWWD). We’re eliminating any signals, simply expanding our footprint and community of faith, thanks to the generous, prayerful and financial support of our listening family. See the video of the announcement by The Morning Cruise here.

Subway Series
OK, it’s not as big a deal during the regular season as it would be in October, but a Yankees-Mets series is always exciting. At least in New York City and for those of us who grew up there and/or root for one of the New York teams. That series took place this week. I’m a Yankees fan and Rob Langer is a Mets fan. Let’s just say that the 2017 version of this series turned out much better for me than it did for Rob.

Eclipse Protection
The total Solar Eclipse is this Monday. In our area peak viewing time will be around 2:30 PM. To be able to safely look at the eclipse make sure you have special glasses with the International Safety Standard Number ISO 12321-2. To get precise viewing times of the eclipse in your zip code, click here for an interactive map.

Media Distrust
Does anyone actually trust the media anymore? With headlines like this sitting next to each other, it’s no wonder the public’s opinion of mainstream media is at an all-time low.

How People Pray
The Barna Group just released their report on “How Americans Pray.” Prayer is the most common expression of faith in this nation, with nearly 80% of adults praying at least once in the past three months. For more on that report, click here.

Infographic courtesy of The Barna Group

Bad Haiku?
Friday was Bad Poetry Day. I don’t know why. So I composed a Haiku for the occasion. It is not easy to write bad Haiku since this form of poetry is really a numbers game.

Find A New Friend
This is Martin. Martin is a dog and available for adoption through the Coweta County Animal Control shelter. Martin has been at the shelter since December 2016. That means that Coweta County has waived the adoption fee for Martin. Matter of fact, they’ve waived the fee for any animal housed there for over 60 days and taken 50% off the fee for animals who have been there less than 60 days. And they’ve extended their Saturday adoption hours through the end of August, to 10 AM - 2 PM. Find out more on their website.

New Ride Coming
On July 31 Six Flags Over Georgia shut down one of its longest running attractions, the Georgia Cyclone. They are preparing for a new ride to take its place in 2018.

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