TBT: Seize The Day

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Carolyn Arends is one of those artists whose talent far exceeds their commercial success. That’s not to say she wasn’t successful, she was and is, but she’s not exactly a household name either.

Carolyn was born in Vancouver, British Columbia. She began her musical career as a songwriter, penning tunes for people like Susan Ashton, Carman and Michael James. Her first solo album, “I Can Hear You,” was released in 1995. It contained a number of Christian radio hits, including “Seize The Day” which held the #12 slot on the year end chart for 1995.

In all, Carolyn has released 12 albums with 15 top 10 radio singles on both the Canadian pop charts and US Christian charts. She has won two Dove Awards and three Juno Nominations. In addition to her music, Carolyn has written three books and has been columnist for publications like “Christianity Today,” “Faith Today,” and “CT Women.” She holds a Master of Arts in Theology and a degree in Psychology and has been on the staff ACTS Seminary, Pacific Life Bible College, Columbia Bible College and Prairie Bible College.

I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Carolyn several times during radio industry events and found her charming. She’s soft spoken, thoughtful and humble. She currently lives in Surrey, British Columbia with her husband and two children.

Here’s the video version of “Seize The Day,” from the 1995 “I Can Hear You.”

Here’s the video of the title track from the 1995 “I Can Hear You.”

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