Ice Cream, Carol Burnett & Generosity

Friday, August 04, 2017

Highlights For The Week Of July 31

Add This To The Bucket List
I wish that this had come out a couple of months ago so we could have made it a summer bucket list item, visiting the best ice cream shop in each state. Though with how long it took me to find Twinkie Ice Cream I’m not I could have finished it up in a couple of months.

According to Mental Floss the top ice cream shop in Alabama is Old Dutch Ice Cream Shoppe in Mobile. You can tell it must be something special by the way they spell “shoppe.” And in Georgia it’s Jake’s Ice Cream. There’s a Jake’s on Irwin Street in Atlanta and a new shop on Washington Rd in East Point and they have an ice cream truck. To see the rest of the list, click here.

Carol Burnett
The multi-talented and award winning comedian and actress, Carol Burnett is coming back to TV with a new show on Netflix, “A Little Help With Carol Burnett.” The premise is Carol and a panel of 4-to-8-year-olds will offer advice to celebrities and average people who are facing complicated problems.

Local Artist Spotlight
Season 7 of the Local Artist Spotlight begins tomorrow (Saturday August 5) at 7:00 PM on The JOY FM. Our first artist is Jordan Wray, who garnered the most votes and won a full produced, mixed and mastered single from Black Cat Studios in Griffin in addition to being on the air. The Local Artist Spotlight continues every Saturday night in August. Click here to see a story about Jordan in the Newnan Times-Herald.

Hey Mr. President, Can I Cut Your Grass?
A 10-year-old from, Frank, from Falls Church, VA recently wrote to President Trump offering to cut the grass at the White House. I’m not sure if Frank realized that the White House has 18 acres of lawn. The president invited Frank to come to Washington, DC and spend a morning with the National Park Service employees who take of the White House grounds and mow the lawn in the Rose Garden.

Men In Black It’s Not
NASA is hiring a Planetary Protection Officer. Before you get too excited, the job description sounds like you’re more likely to be using a broom and a hose than any of those fancy laser pistols from science fiction movies. It does pay $187,000 though. Click here for the job listing.

Robot Jewelry
I posted this video on Facebook and the response has largely been, “Ooooh, how creepy.” Yeah, I wouldn’t want my jewelry crawling all over me either.

The Most Generous Thing
The Barna Group just released a study about generosity. Seems that pastors and lay people have some ideas on what constitutes generosity. See the full study here.

Infographic courtesy of The Barna Group

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