Finding God’s Glory

Monday, July 24, 2017

There are some things about God which we will not understand until we see Him face to face. There are others that can take years of study, reflection and prayer to comprehend. His glory is in neither of these categories.

To discover God’s glory all we need do is live. Psalms 19 tell us that “the heavens are telling of the glory of God; and their expanse is declaring the work of His hands. Day to day pours forth speech and night to night reveals knowledge.”

Those who deny or are ignorant of the glory of God are without excuse. God makes Himself known through His creation. His glory is not hidden. Yes, there is mystery to be discovered, but everyone is exposed to God’s glory on some level each day.

During Mid Day Prayer Time this week, weekdays around 10:30 AM and 2:30 PM I’ll be sharing from Psalms 19, which discusses the transparency of God’s glory and truth.

Mon 07/24               Psalms 19:1-2
Tue 07/25                 Psalms 19:7-8
Wed 07/26               Psalms 19:9-11
Thu 07/27                Psalms 19:12-13
Fri 07/28                  Psalms 19:14

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