A Lot Like Christmas

Friday, July 21, 2017

Highlights For The Week Of July 17, 2017

It’s Beginning To Sound
A lot like Christmas! All week we invited you to join in with our Christmas Sing-Along Song of the Day as we prepared for this weekend’s Christmas In July celebration on the air. Here are our five winners with their renditions of favorite Christmas songs.

Sleigh Ride: Joyce

Christmas Time Is Here: Jeff

Winter Wonderland: Brenda

God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen: Kim

Silver Bells: Kerry & Misael

It’s Beginning To Look
A lot like Christmas! My cousin Sheila listens to The JOY FM with her coworkers in Wisconsin! They all caught the Christmas in July bug and started decorating the office with gingerbread houses.

Mission Accomplished
Several months back I heard that Hostess was coming out with ice cream flavors based on some their bestselling snack cakes, including Twinkies. Then about two months ago my brother Mike texted a photo of Twinkies ice cream in a freezer at a Kroger in Wheeling, WV. Since then I’ve been a quest to sample Twinkies ice cream, but couldn’t find any around here. But on my recent trip to visit family in Ohio and West Virginia my quest was completed.

After returning home and talking about it on the air I listener sent a message via the Open Mic feature of The JOY FM mobile app.

Find A Forever Friend
I received an email from a Coweta County official concerning pet adoptions at the Coweta County Animal Shelter. They have about 30 dogs who have been at the shelter for over 90 days, some for more than 120 days. To help find these dogs forever homes they are waiving the adoption fee on dogs who have been at the shelter for 121 days or longer and offering 50% the adoption fee for dogs who have been at the shelter for 90 – 120 days. To find out more visit the Coweta County Animal Control website.

Google In Space
Google Maps is getting ready launch Street View of the International Space Station! That way you can check it out before applying to be an astronaut.

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