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Friday, July 07, 2017

Highlights For The Week Of July 3, 2017

Why Didn’t You Think Of That Before We Left The House
I’m headed out on a 1,500 mile, 5-state road trip. My wife Teri and two of my grandsons, Toby and Travis will be joining us. With that many miles and that many passengers we will need to make more than a few pit stops. Thankfully Gas Buddy, a gasoline price-tracking app, has just published their list of Top Rated Gas Station Restrooms in the US. See the full list here.

This Guy
Rob Langer. What can you say about him that hasn’t already been said? Rob is THE ideal co-worker. He’s here at the JOY FM Monday through Friday producing for the The Morning Cruise at about 5:00 AM. When I roll in around 8:30 AM (or so) he always has the coffee either freshly made or the water in the pitcher and grounds in the basket ready for me to pour. He’s filling in for me while I’m on vacation through the end of next week. Thanks Rob.

Slip & Slide Cops
Over the Fourth of July holiday police in Asheville, NC received a complaint call. During a neighborhood block party someone set up a giant Slip & Slide and it was blocking part of the street. Officers responded. Rather than issuing a citation or making the people take down the contraption, they joined in the fun. It was caught on video and made the rounds of the morning news shows across the country.

Troll Dad
Meet Burr Martin. He has a teenage daughter, Cassie. Cassie loves posting selfies on Instagram. Burr decided to recreate those selfies himself. At first it was embarrassing, but now Burr has more followers on Instagram than Cassie, about 144,000 to 73,500.

Parenting Challenges
The Barna Group recently published a study on the challenges parents face dealing with their children’s use of technology. Infographic by The Barna Group of Ventura, California.

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