A Day In The Life

Friday, June 09, 2017

Highlights from the week of 06/05/17

New Studio Furniture
A crack IT/Engineering team completely disassembled and then reassembled our studio in just about 24 hours in order to install brand new studio furniture.

A Day In My Life
With two of my three grandsons and my daughter Kelsey along for the ride, I made a couple of stops the other evening. First at the supermarket then at a fast food place. The adventure just kept coming for the entire 45 minutes or so.

Jammin' at the Red Light

Taco Bell 13

No More Sweeping

Rob Langer Checks In
Rob Langer is in Jamaica with the RUSH Ministries/JOY FM missions trip. He gave us an update on Friday via Skype.

Rob's Update

Next Year's Trip

Free App Of The Week
Orai is an app “designed to help you become a better speaker.” It records your voice and then provides feedback. I’ve been playing with it this week and managed to score a 91% clarity trophy! Of course, it did hear me saying “The JOY FM in Atlanta” as “the joy of famine Atlanta.”

Cawfee Tawk
The first episode of season 2, “Espresso Buzz Bagel” is now live.

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