Into The Darkness

Monday, June 05, 2017

What is the first thing you want to do when you get something new? You want to use it. I know I do. Except for maybe a fire extinguisher or life insurance.

Sometime back I saw a video of Christine Caine, an Australian Christian and speaker. She told the story of visiting an American Wal-Mart with her young daughter. Her daughter picked out a flashlight. She dropped in the batteries and turned it on at the checkout. But with the bright overhead lights the flashlight was barely perceptible. The young girl said, “Come on Mum. Let’s go find some darkness.”

What an amazingly powerful statement. It succinctly embodies two key truths of our faith. The darkness is out there, just waiting for us to show up and shine our light. And, if we only shine our light in an already well-lit environment we’re not likely to notice it.

John writes that Jesus came as the Light of men, and the Light shines in the darkness and the darkness did not “comprehend it” or overpower it. There’s a dark and dying world out there waiting for us to show up with a little light so that they might find their way to becoming children of God.

This week during Mid Day Prayer Time I’ll be sharing from John chapter 1.

Mon 06/05    John 1:1-3
Tue 06/06     John 1:4-5
Wed 06/07    John 1:6-8
Thu 06/08     John 1:9-11 
Fri 06/09       John 1:12-14

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