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Friday, June 02, 2017

Highlights of the week of 05/29/17

Espresso Buzz Bagels
It’s been nearly two years since a new episode of Cawfee Tawk has been released. The critically acclaimed series returns with the premier episode of season 2, “Espresso Buzz Bagels,” on Saturday 06/03.

Jerry Interviews the Laffoons
The JOY FM presents Ultimate Date Night – Love & Laughter with Jay & Laura Laffoon. Two nights, Friday June 9 in Columbus and Saturday June 10 in Sharpsburg. Jerry spoke with Jay & Laura about these special evenings. 

What About That Last Name?

Marriage Edutainers

One Story

Bonus Video
McDonalds in the UK has just brought back a limited time menu, Great Tastes of America. Each of the items on this menu is based on the Brits’ perception of a different state in the US. Here’s the TV commercial for the Tennessee Stack.

June Is Candy Month: Enjoy!

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