Ear Worms & Ice Cream

Friday, May 26, 2017

Highlights for the week of 05/22/17

The Quest Begins
Last week my brother Mike texted a picture of Hostess Twinkies flavored ice cream. He had found it at a Kroger in Wheeling, WV. This week I began my official quest to find this elusive frozen treat, and that quest continues as I was unsuccessful in finding it. But I will not give up!

David heard me talking about and tweeted a picture of Twinkies ice cream he’d found at a Dollar General, so I know it’s available locally.

Toby At Work
Before all of the rain this week I showed my oldest grandson, now 13-year-old Toby, how to cut the grass. I had meant to do this weeks ago, but someone stole my lawnmower! One of my wife Teri’s friends had a lawn mower she wasn’t using and let us borrow it indefinitely.

Dreaded TV Theme Song Ear Worm
I wish someone would do a study on the long term effects of TV theme songs on members of my generation. Back when I was growing up most comedies had theme songs that explained the basic premise of the show. For some reason I woke up one day this week with the theme song of Green Acres stuck in my head.

Twitter Stalker
Either I have a stalker or Diana1985 has me confused with some other Jerry Williams. I replied to her tweet telling her as much. As of yet I have not heard back from her. 

The Mysterious Shrinking Waistband
Somehow I managed to leave the house without a belt and almost didn’t notice.

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