Wild Turkey & A New Quest

Friday, May 19, 2017

Parking Lot Turkey
The week started with a wild turkey greeting the staff in the parking lot on Monday morning. Since then we haven’t seen or heard her, but we are keeping our eyes open.

Casting Call
Marvel is shooting “Avengers: Infinity War” at Pinewood Studios and they need some extras for Monday 5/22 for scenes they’ll be filming in Fairburn. They are specifically looking for a female between 20 – 49 who is bald or has very short black hair. They also need an unspecified number of African American males between 21 – 49. Get all of the details here.

BeLive Video Test
Last week I talked about a new live video streaming site that feeds directly to your Facebook page and allows you to have two people on camera at the same time. I wrangled Rob Langer into trying it out with me. It has some pretty cool features. Our test would have more successful if Rob had remembered to enable the microphone on his computer. Find out more about this site at BeLive.tv.

A Special Interview
I get an awful lot of requests to interview authors, often from the authors themselves. Many of them are self-published. I rarely say, “yes,” to those requests. That’s mainly because I feel an obligation to read the book before interviewing the author. And, quite frankly, I have very little interest in most of the books that asked to do interviews about.

This past week it was something of a departure as I interviewed an author. Two main reasons for this interview: the author happens to be my dad and his book is a memoir so I thought there was a pretty good chance there would be something in it about me. You can hear that interview, and find out more about the book “Been There, Done That” here.

Why Didn’t You Think Of That Before We Left Home
I have never been on a family vacation that involved a road trip that didn’t involve that phrase. With the long Memorial Day Weekend almost here and summer vacation right behind with family road trips galore, I present, as sort of a public service, a list of the cleanest gas station restrooms in every state. Just click here.

A New Quest
My brother, who lives in Wheeling, WV, sent me text message the other day. It was simply two words, “At Kroger.” I waited for about 10 minutes for him to text more. When he didn’t I responded, “?”. Then he texted a photo that has set me on a new quest. It was picture of the freezer at Kroger which contained tubs of Hostess Twinkies and Cup Cake flavored ice cream. Look closely at the labels. It says, “Limited Edition.” I fear that may mean those flavors will not be around for long. It has become my mission to find, purchase and consume the Twinkie flavor before it disappears. Stay tuned for updates.

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