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Thursday, March 30, 2017

I am not very musically inclined. Never have been, at least to hear my parents tell it. My mom will frequently tell the story of asking me how Sunday School was and my response was usually, “I was good Mom, but I didn’t sing.” And then she’ll laugh.

That is not to say, however, that I don’t enjoy music. I do. And once in a while a song or a songwriter will touch me in such a way that it feels as if I’ve found a kindred spirit. Bob Bennett is one of those songwriters.

I fear that in the early 21st Century the name Bob Bennett is foreign to many, even to those who listen to Christian music. That is a shame. It is my goal to rectify that here.

Thirty-five years ago, in 1982, Bob released the album “Matters Of The Heart.” It was, and remains, a masterpiece. It was named Album of the Year by CCM Magazine and years later it landed on that publications list of Top 20 Christian Albums Of All Time.

But the album has a weird history. It was originally released on Priority Records, which went out of business shortly after “Matters Of The Heart” came out. Star Song records signed Bob and re-released the album in 1985, but it again went out of print in 1987. Urgent Records re-re-released a cassette version in 1990, but that also went out of print shortly thereafter. In May 2007 it became available on iTunes, where it is still listed today.

There are ten songs on “Matters Of The Heart” and I remember playing at least six of them as radio singles through the 1980s. With that much depth, I imagine Bob Bennett and selections from “Matters Of The Heart” may show up again in this feature. Though there is one problem with that.

I try to feature songs here that have a video version available, preferably an “official” concept video. The thing is, in 1982 no one was producing videos like that. Especially for songs from albums that fell under so many different labels. I may need to make some exceptions for Bob Bennett and “Matters Of The Heart.”

Here's an extended version of the on air interview I did with Bob about "A Song About Baseball."

I did manage to find a video version of one song from the album that’s more than just the music along with a static picture of the album cover.A gentleman named Scott Bachmann put this version together and it’s actually pretty well done. And it’s a song that’s not only very close to my heart, but extremely appropriate for this week, what with MLB’s opening day coming up this weekend. Here’s “A Song About Baseball.”

For a longer segment of the interview with Bob, see the post on my official website here.

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