Jayar Thursday Chats

The JAYAR Show Podcast Episode 5: From The 2019 Vault - Zach Williams

On this episode, you'll hear Zach talk about what it's like to have your own song played in a church service your're attending, how the band passes time on the bus, and of course, he'll sit down in front of the piano for good old Tickling the Ivories!




I Can Only Imagine 


Rescue Story
Less Like Me


Zach Williams gives us his best 30 seconds behind the piano for his turn on Tickling the Ivories!

This week, Zach Williams joins Jayar for the Thursday Afternoon Chat!

Peanut butter & jelly, Garlic and ???- Jayar asks Zach about his all-time favorite food duos.

Jayar asks Zach Williams what it's like to hear music that he's written being sung in a church service.

Zach Williams shares about one of the first messages he got from a someone who found his music and how it impacted him.

Zach talks about how he'd love to go on tour with MercyMe.

Zach shares his favorite Netflix shows and hobbies to pass the time on the tour bus.