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The JAYAR Show Podcast Episode 3: Bear Rinehart NEEDTOBREATHE

On this episode, you'll hear Jayar and Bear talk about mental health, Bear's brother, Bo, leaving the band, and NEEDTOBREATHE's new album, Out Of Body. Plus, good old Tickling the Ivories!

Show Notes:





Out of Body, new album by NEEDTOBREATHE
Survival” - NEEDTOBREATHE with Drew and Ellie Holcomb


Side Hustles:

Bear Rinehart - Wilder Woods
Bo Rinehart - Bo Rinehart Studio
Seth Bolt - Bolt Farm Treehouse
Josh Lovelace - Josh Lovelace Music + Young Folk kids album


Bear Rinehart, NEEDTOBREATHE - Tickling the Ivories

Bear Rinehart, of NEEDTOBREATHE takes on Tickling the Ivories.