Jayar Thursday Chats

Nik Wallenda - June 2020

For this week's Thursday Afternoon Chat, Jayar chats with high-wire walker, Nik Wallenda. 

For tickets and Daredevil Rally preformance information, click HERE


Nik Wallenda - Fear & Legacy

Jayar asked Nik Wallenda about his fears & legacy.

Nik Wallenda - The Favor of God

Jayar and Nik Wallenda spoke about the Favor of God we have as believers.

Nik Wallenda - "Hey Nik." - Derek Jeter

Jayar asked Nik Wallenda where the craziest place he has ever been recognized in public is.

Nik Wallenda - Criticism & Praise

Jayar asked Nik Wallenda how he deals with both criticism & praise.