Jayar Thursday Chats

Jeremy & Adie Camp - April 2020

For this week's Thursday Afternoon Chat, Jayar called Jeremy Camp & his wife, Adie, to talk about all things pandemic related, their new book, and new movie!

To purchase their new book, In Unison, click HERE.


Jeremy & Adie Camp - In Unison

Jayar asked Jeremy & Adie to talk about their brand new book, "In Unison."

Jeremy & Adie Camp - Pandemic House

Jayar asked Jeremy & Adie what their house has been like throughout the pandemic.

Jeremy & Adie Camp - Pandemic Revelations

Jayar asked Jeremy & Adie if they have had any schedule or spiritual revelations during the pandemic.

Jeremy & Adie Camp - The Benjamin Gate / I Still Believe

Jayar asked Adie if she ever misses her time as apart of, "The Benjamin Gate," and asked Jeremy if he has seen anything positive come out of the fallout of his new movie, "I Still Believe."