Jayar Thursday Chats

Natalie Grant - January 2020

For this week's Thursday Afternoon Chat, Jayar chats with Natalie Grant!

Natalie Grant - FULL Chat

You can watch Jayar's FULL Thursday Afternoon Chat with Natalie Grant here!

Natalie Grant - Tickling The Ivories

Natalie Grant, or rather her daughter, Sadie, takes on Tickling the Ivories!

Natalie Grant's Greatest Night On Tour

Jayar asks Natalie to share her greatest night on tour with the 15 listeners.

Natalie Grant - Fighting Human Trafficking

Jayar asks Natalie about the fight to end human trafficking.

Natalie Grant - Greatest Vocalist in Faith Based Music

Jayar asks Natalie who she thinks the greatest vocalist in faith-based music is.

Natalie Grant - Artistry v. Ministry

Jayar asks Natalie how she balances the artistry of what she does and the ministry of what she does.

Natalie Grant - Releasing an Album

Jayar asks Natalie to take the 15 listeners through the process of releasing an album.

Natalie Grant - The Seahawks

Jayar and Natalie bond over both being Seahawks fans!