The JAYAR Show Podcast

Newsboys - November 2019

For this week's Thursday Afternoon Chat, Jayar chats with Duncan, the drummer from Newsboys!

Welcome Newsboys!

Jayar welcomes in Duncan, the drummer for Newsboys, for his Thursday Afternoon Chat!

Newsboys - FULL Chat

You can watch Jayar's FULL chat with Duncan of Newsboys here!

Newsboys - Tickling the Ivories

Duncan, a drummer, trades in his drumsticks and takes on the keys for Tickling the Ivories!

Newsboys - Success

Duncan talks about the success of the Newsboys.

Newsboys UNITED

Jayar and Duncan talk about Newsboys UNITED and get nostalgic!

Newsboys - Being Famous is Hard

Jayar asks Duncan from Newsboys when getting recognized becomes hard.

Newsboys - Impacting Lives

Jayar asks Duncan from Newsboys to share a story Newsboys has been told about their music impacting a life.

Newsboys - Can you Worship to your own music?

Jayar asks Duncan from Newsboys what it's like when he is in church and his church starts worshiping to a Newsboys song.

Newsboys v. Jeremy Camp Biceps

Jayar and Duncan from Newsboys compare Biceps with Jeremy Camp!