The JAYAR Show Podcast

Unspoken - October 2019

For this week's Thursday Afternoon Chat, Jayar chats with Chad from Unspoken!

Unspoken - FULL Chat

Watch the FULL Chat here!

Unspoken - Tickling the Ivories

Chad from Unspoken took on "Tickling the Ivoires,"!

Unspoken on Tipping Anxiety

Chad from Unspoken speaks to tipping anxiety and a recent experience he had regarding tipping.

Unspoken - Help Is On The Way

Chad from Unspoken unpacks their song "Help Is On The Way."

Unspoken on Self-Disipline

Chad from Unspoken speaks on self-discipline.

Unspoken - What Chad's Parents Think About Their Music

Chad from Unspoken tell us how his parents react to different songs.

Unspoken - Redeeming Your Story

Unspoken - Redeeming Your Story

Unspoken - Favorite Kid's Movie

Unspoken - Favorite Kid's Movie

What Task is Chad good at?

Jayar asks Chad which task in the home Chad is good at.


Jayar and Chad talk Marriage.

Band Ground Rules

Jayar asks Chad who in the band has to tell new members the ground rules of being apart of Unspoken.