Jayar Thursday Chats

Jordan Feliz - October 2019

Jayar sits down to chat with Jordan Feliz for this week's Thursday Afternoon Chat!

Jordan Feliz - Faith

Jayar asks Jordan Feliz about his song "Faith".

Jordan Feliz Most Unforgettable Fan Moment

Jayar asks Jordan about his most memorable moment with a fan on the road.

Jordan Feliz on Off-Limit Song Topics

Jayar asks Jordan if there are any topics Jordan WON'T write a song about.

Jordan Feliz on His Legacy in the Music Industry

Jayar asks Jordan about how he thinks he will be remembered in the music industry.

Jordan Feliz - Tickling the Ivories

Jordan Feliz takes on "Tickling the Ivories," as he sits down to play our piano.

Jordan Feliz - FULL Chat

You can watch Jayar's full Thursday Afternoon Chat with Jordan Feliz here!