Breakfast Sessions

The Breakfast Sessions

A look into life outside the office for Jayar & the family

May 14 2018

Jayar chats with the family about their opinions on the royal wedding.

May 8 2018

Jayar tells the kids about the wonders of pork rinds.

May 4 2018

The whole family is at the table today!

May 1 2018

Jayar gets the kids' excitement level for Disney's upcoming films.

April 27 2018

A look today's news of the leaders of the Koreas meeting, from the perspective of 8-year-old Hans.

April 26 2018

Jayar has a deep conversation with Queen Amadala about her hopes for the day.

April 25 2018

Jayar chats with the family about what it may be like to be stranded on a deserted island

April 23 2018

Jayar & Tiger Lily go over the highlights of their weekend together!