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Phone Call - Encouragement with Long Adoption Process

Email from Afghanistan

What a blessing live streaming is. Listening right now from my bunk in Afghanistan. It brings a little of home to a place far away. I am so thankful for The JOY FM and what you do. -Larry

Recovering Meth Addict

To The JOY FM....I want to say thank you! I am a recovering meth addict clean 18 months and I listen to your station every single day. At work, home and in the car! I would be lost without you. You have gotten me through many many dark days and nights when I didnt think I would make it. But with God's amazing grace and The JOY FM... I got this! I know for me you are part of the reason I am clean today....LOVIN' LIFE CLEAN AND WITH GOD! P.S. You have my permission to use my name on the radio. Maybe my story can reach other addicts out there wanting to stay clean. God Bless! -Valeri

The Right Song at the Right Time

Thank you, thank you, thank you for playing "Redeemed" by Big Daddy Weave. I've been fighting all day trying to understand what God is doing but sometimes it just takes that one song to remind us that this battle isn't ours, but the Lord's. I appreciate what you guys do, and I thank God for you. Keep up His amazing work! - Charlene

Former Pagan and Addict

I was saved about four months ago. Before that I was a pagan and addict and completely lost wandering down the wrong path. Since I was saved I'm starting to look at even the worst circumstances in a good light. I was brought to tears listening to the song “Strong Enough” [by Matthew West] on your radio station the first time I listened and since then I've listened to your station every waking moment I can. Just saying thank you for all of the positive you let the Lord put out through you in such a commonly negative world. God bless, Michael

My Life Has Changed

I love you guys; since I found your station my life has considerably changed. I have learned so much from the music, and the message of the music and started going to church. As I read the Bible and hear the message and hear the music and the messages it becomes so much more clear and my life has become so much more peaceful. I know now that the joy of the Lord is my strength as well as The JOY FM gets me through the day, Thank you so much for all you have done for me and everyone else that has been blessed to come across your station. I am blessed for the blessing you have given me bringing me back to the Lord. Sincerely, Paige

Joy and Peace for Listener with Multiple Sclerosis

I just wanted to share with you my short story as it involves the peace I receive when listening to the power of Christ's love through the music you play on the radio. I have been sick for over ten years and have just been diagnosed with MS. Sometimes the pain was more than I can bear …but have recently found GREAT PEACE through my relationship with Jesus. I've been a Christian since I was 19, I'm 46 now, but with every hardship it seems my relationship deepens. I know it's due to me having to totally depend on the Lord for my every care, literally. But I also find joy and peace through your station and the music you play. The scriptures come in loud and clear in the many songs I relate to so well, especially "You raise me up" by Selah. I just want to say thank you for all you do for people and know that I am one you help. Keep on keeping on. Sincerely, Lauri

Saved My Life

This radio station saved my life. I was on hard drugs and heard this station and it got me one with God. -Dane

God Is Talking

I recently had a major crisis in my life (my fault). It has been life changing event for me and my family. We have 3 precious children. My sins not only affects my wife but our children as well. I was saved on Mother's Day. I have been listening to this station ever since then and every song I hear, I feel like God is talking to me through this station. I just downloaded the app for the iPhone so that I can listen to it at work all day as well. Thank you for keeping Jesus in my life through the music that you play. Please pray for my family. Email from B.K.

A Daddy/Hubby Theme Song

Jayar, I just started listening to The JOY FM and I love it! You played a song that really stuck to me. I was having a bad at work and kinda snapped at my wife on the phone. After the argument, the song, “Lead Me” by Sanctus Real came on - I ended up going to the store and bought some flowers for my wife and apologized to her for being a jerk, then I played the song for her and she began to cry. Being a father and a husband, I could safely say that song could be a Daddy / Hubby Theme Song. I wanted to thank you for playing it on the radio for all those dads / husbands that have a rough day to think about the lyrics. Thanks again! ~Derrick

Closer to God Because of a Concert

My life was really changed when my wife won tickets to Glory at the Gardens. I've been struggling with my faith, and on Saturday God touched me in more ways than one, now I'm working on growing closer to the Lord, and if it was not for The JOY FM, I would not have had the heart-felt experience that I felt that day - all the artist were great. My daughters even got photos with Brandon Heath, Mathew West, and John Diaz. Thank you for all that you do JOY FM and your supporters. ~Mark

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