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From a woman who grew up with this station

I just want to let you know that your station means a lot to me. In kindergarten a neighbor told me about your station. Living in a household in which we were punished if we prayed or spoke the name of God, I loved to turn on your station at night in my room to encourage us and teach my sisters and I when my parents didn’t. It was a hard fight but we kept the faith. My sophomore year of high school, my step data had a heart attack and died but gave his heart to God just minutes before! That same year my mother had 3 strokes that paralyzed her on her left side and needed mental rehabilitation as well. You all helped me when I went through homelessness and into the house my sisters and I have now. My mom got saved August of last year and though she is still battling for her health and sometimes I feel so overwhelmed and just want to be able to go back home and have a mother, I have been able to find joy each and every day, none the less! Now that I have my first debit card as I am growing up, the first thing I had always wanted to do with it is to become an MMMP, because it really is more than just music! Thank you so much for helping me. God bless you all!!! – Jen.

From a grateful husband

I want you and your team to know what an incredible blessing your station has been in my life. Five years ago my wife and I separated. (My fault not her fault.) I was away from the Lord and disobedient to Him. My marriage had crumbled and I was devastated. I had never listened before. However, I began listening the very day we separated. The Lord used your station to bring me back to Himself. After nearly three years of separation our marriage was restored. I cannot thank your team enough for your sacrificial service and dedication to His mission. I wish I had a million dollars to give but even one million dollars would not begin to repay the impact you have had in my life. God Bless! -Tom

From a Prayer and Crisis Line volunteer

I was expecting something special when I volunteered for the prayer line, and God has been so gracious - He has blessed me so much just for being available to pray with whoever has a need. Every shift is unique - there may be a rush of calls one immediately following another - or there may be gaps in between, but the shift is NEVER dull. He draws near - and the caller and I experience His presence so beautifully. I feel like I have been entrusted with such blessings. I hear people coming to God with great needs, with broken hearts - asking for His help. Rarely do I hear resentment or anger - they have come past that and are just asking for God to touch, to heal, to intervene. A week ago I had 3 very similar calls - right in a row. Each was from a woman with a broken heart, praying that her husband would come back. I wept and prayed with each one. That same night a man called - praying he could be reunited with a woman he had left behind several years previously. Last night, almost all of my calls were from men - very unusual. Each was struggling with a problem - and was asking for God to help, to intervene, to solve problems beyond their control. I can't speak for any other prayer partners, because I haven't spoken with any, but I feel God has entrusted me with very, very precious riches - with the hearts of His beloved children. I feel like I am entering the Holy of Holies - and I am taking these precious wounded hearts with me before Him. - Barry, prayer team member

From a single mom

I listen to your station in the morning. You're teaching me how to be a better person and a better mom. Every day when driving from work you bring joy and I love every song you play. You all are very special to me. In my hard times you're there to make me smile as I'm driving home wiping away my tears, cause being a single mom is not easy. You always put a smile on my face. I love you guys. May God bless you all. - Y.M.

From a former inmate

Willie was a prisoner in a state prison for men. He came to Christ through the radio station and began sending us 10 stamps per month on a regular basis. He is now out of prison, and has a job. He now still sends us $5 each month from his home in Mississippi! Each month he has a prayer request regarding his family, or his own walk. Most recently it was certain scriptures he wanted to "walk" in his life.

From a grateful teen

My name is Makenzi and I'm 14 years old. I just wanted to thank you guys for playing so many amazing songs, I listened/listen to you guys every day. Over summer, until about a week ago, I was fighting anorexia and bulimia. I had major depression, anxiety, and self harmed a large number of times. Once I found this station I was inspired and motivated to get better and recover. I gave my heart and soul to the Lord and asked for forgiveness for my sins. From the point on, I haven't stopped playing your station. I listen to you all day and all night. I truly 100% love the Lord, and this station. Thank you guys for being so amazing. You truly saved my life. God bless all of you.

From someone mourning lost loved ones

I have put off writing this email even though many times I wanted to. I just felt it was insignificant compared to what other people are experiencing. Yet now, here I write. This station has been a guiding light for me. 5 years ago my mom passed at only 58 from 10 long years of battling cancer. I watched her die. Literally. This past January, my Dad died unexpectedly. He loved Mom so much and missed her every single day that I know he is happy to be reunited again. However, my siblings and I are left again mourning. My husband lost his job of 28 hrs in May and this week my bulldog Zeus was diagnosed with cancer. (I know he is a dog but it still breaks my heart) This has been one rough year. Yet through it all I still turn up the volume to your station and sing. I listen to you in my car and on my phone. You are always there with me. And the songs truly speak to my soul. In times where I feel desperate, I really don't have to worry. You all are there to pick me up. This life is hard. No lies there. But it's nice to know you have our backs. Love you all, Tracie.

From a grateful Mom

A few years ago my husband and I had both lost our jobs. My oldest son had just started playing the guitar, and I wanted him to experience Christian music as his early influence. I was on my way to the grocery store and heard about a ticket give away on your station for a Casting Crowns concert. I pulled over and entered the contest. I prayed, "God if you want him to experience wholesome music to inspire him, you'll have to give him the tickets. I know you can. Amen." I forgot all about it. Soon afterwards I got a phone call saying I had won 4 tickets! Today my son is 15 years old. He plays for the church band and was indeed inspired by the concert. God listened and now my son is a blessing to his youth group through a God given talent inspired by a miracle performed through your station. Thank you! From someone growing in their walk with Christ During a time that I knew God, but was not surrounded by godly people or godly things, your station is what kept me hopeful and peaceful in the Lord. Now I have grown in my walk with God and have learned to turn to His word for my daily bread to keep me sustained. Through that I can now see His word in the music you play and recognize that is the reason why it gave me so much hope to listen to this station. If my small contribution can sustain someone else through the valleys in their life, or even lead them towards God for the first time, then I will continue to give with joy! - Monique

From someone listening in good times and bad

“I’ve only had $5 to put gas in my tank before, and then there have been times I’ve been able to fill it up. I’ve had to ask for rides to get to work, and other times I’ve taken people places. I’ve had a fridge full of food, and I’ve gone to bed hungry. I’ve given people clothes, and I’ve been to the point where I didn’t have any shoes. I’ve been in the checkout line paying for groceries without worry, and I’ve also been that person adding up the stuff frantically in my head and taking things out of my cart. I know what it’s like to have enough money, and I know what it’s like to not be able to pay the rent. Through it all, good times and bad, rough times and smooth, God has used your station to remind me that He hasn’t’ forgotten me, and to shine the Light on all the things He has blessed me with. Thank you guys for doing what you do every day.” - Julie

From someone grateful for our Prayer and Crisis line

Lorella called. She wanted us to know how much she appreciates this ministry. Her mom passed away on Feb. 13th and she knew in the middle of the night there would be no one she could call and reach out to. BUT she knew the prayer line was available. She said what a blessing to know that she did have someone who would pray with and for her through this trying time for her and her family. She is very thankful and grateful for the prayer line and our station.

From a homeless person

I have been sleeping and living in my car since the second week in August and it's been very challenging. Your station and the overwhelming sense of Christ are the only things that keep me going ... but I need prayer. I need to know what God’s will is in my life and what direction I need to go in because I'm growing tired and weary and it's going to get cold. So please pray that God reveal an answer to me soon... and thank you for the life that you give me every day with your radio station. Love in Christ always, Jackie

From someone needing daily encouragement

Thank you for the Christian encouragement you provide each week! I am 28, single, working full time and often overtime and have had various health issues the past few years. It has been a challenging and lonely time in my life, and I sit in traffic for three hours every day getting to and from work- many of the songs, devotions, prayers, etc. on your radio station have touched my heart and brought daily encouragement when I have desperately needed it. Thank you!!

From a foster family

Just over three weeks ago we received into our home a 4 year old girl and 3 year old boy who had been removed from their birth family. Because of drug and alcohol abuse and domestic violence they have way too many stories of police coming to their home and mommy and daddy having to go to jail and prison. The first night they spent with us, I turned on your station to play quietly while they fell asleep. Of course that's what I have on in the house during the day as well. They have gone from singing the theme to the Cops show to singing what they hear on your station. I love to hear them singing at the top of their lungs, "I- I-I don't have to fear no more, worry no more." They also love, "It's a Beautiful Day" and "Going Down to the River." I am so thrilled to be able to affect this change in their lives. Please join us in prayer for all their bad/sad memories to be erased as they learn that they are children of our Great King Jesus. We should be able to welcome them into their forever family before the year is out. My daughter and son-in-law will be adopting them! - Anonymous

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