Defining Moments

There are moments in our lives that shape us, contribute to who we are, define us. Some are universal, shared by the majority of people. Things like our birth, graduation, marriage, milestone birthdays.

Defining MomentsSome of those events are joyful, others, not so much. The death of a parent, spouse or child, divorce, losing a job and how we react to them also play a role in who we become.

We don’t always recognize those moments while they’re happening, but when we look back at them, we appreciate how important they were.

There are also moments and events that define an era or generation. July 4, 1776. December 7, 1941. September 11, 2001.

One moment, more than any other in history, and our reaction to it, defines us all. It was such a vital moment in the history of humanity that all of time is divided by it, that which transpired before and after the very first Easter over 2,000 years ago.

For those of us who believe in and celebrate the risen Lord and empty tomb, that moment more than any other defines us. The truth in the words “Jesus has risen” sees us through all of those other moments that help make us who we are. Our greatest joys, deepest sorrows and everything in between take on deeper meaning because of that one event and our embracing of it.

That event purchased for us eternity and fullness and purpose in this life as well. It is for us a source of joy and hope and strength.

Happy Easter.

Jerry Williams