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Public, Private or Homeschool: Which is Best for Your Child?


The debate continues Christian school vs. public school vs. home school and which is better.  Depending on who you ask, you will get a different and sometimes very passionate response.  No matter where you stand on the issue, it’s important to know your child and in which environment they will thrive.

Christian/Private School

Pros                                                                                                       Cons

Instills Christian values/beliefs                                                   More expensive, tuition based

Low student/teacher ratio                                                           Quality of education can vary due
                                                                                                             to funding

High academic standards                                                           Real world problems still present

Safe environment                                                                        May have limited opportunities

Participation is by choice                                                             Teachers may not be required to be state

Home School

Pros                                                                                                       Cons

Curriculum choices                                                                          May be more expensive than public school

Flexible schedule                                                                            Teachers unqualified to teach all

Teaches independence                                                                   Social interaction can be challenging

One-on-one learning                                                                       May face stricter college admission

Calm, safe learning environment                                             

Public School

Pros                                                                                                       Cons

More curriculum opportunities                                                  School chooses curriculum

Set schedule                                                                                 High teacher-student ratio

Diverse, “real world” social setting                                            Less independent learning

Learning in a group setting                                                        Peer pressure

Extra-curricular activities                                                           Individual learning styles irrelevant

Broad range of ideas/concepts                                                  Conformity is the norm

 Christian or private schools are a good choice for parents who are looking for options other than public school.  While Christian school can be expensive, they support the beliefs of parents, students can cultivate Christian friends and there is opportunity for more individualized learning. Private schools typically have high academic standards and accountability and they may or may not be religiously affiliated.

 Statistics show, however, that most home schooled children are dominating.  Today, over 2 million children are learning at home.  Many parents cite that they are dissatisfied with the current public school system and that is why they choose to educate their children at home.  Other reasons include: negative peer pressure is minimalized, individualized learning so students can work at their own pace, and many want their children to learn Christian principles and concepts.

Remember, no matter where you choose to have your children educated, good kids can result for all schooling situations.  Homeschooling doesn’t guarantee your child will accept Christian values and be a light to world.  Nor does sending them to public school mean your child will be worldly.  Raising kids in today’s culture lacks guarantees and there is no formula for raising a perfect child.

 There are things that public schools can do better; such as setting up science experiments, how to factor polynomials, and extra-curricular activities like track, band and choir.  Not all home school communities are able to duplicate these activities and they require a commitment of time and money from parents or volunteers. 

 And…..let’s face it, not everyone is equipped to deal with “little junior.”  For some parents it would be so stressful to teach at home that it would affect their parent/child/family relationships.  Other families just don’t have a choice economically.   

 “The key to deciding which method to use in educating one’s own child is measuring the temperaments and skills of both the children and the parents, along with making the decision that the family believes brings honor to God.” (  We need to  love and pray for our children and live the Christian life as an example they want to emulate.  That’s a valuable lesson no matter where they are formally educated.


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