Keeping Kids Motivated

Learning in Today's Enviroment Can Be a Challenge


In this unusual year, learning online seems to have become a real way of life for our school age children.  So what can you do to encourage them and keep them motivated?

Caroline Knorr in her Common Sense Media article offers these suggestions:

  • Check in – kids are motivated by different things.  Check in to see how they are holding up, what they want to accomplish and how you can support them
  • Be an example – keep a positive attitude and approach learning consistently.  Find examples to inspire them.
  • Build work ethic – remind them that learning is a lifelong goal.  Focus on skill-building, the value of completing tasks, feelings of accomplishment.
  • Praise – take notice when they are growing and progressing by giving positive feedback
  • Establish a routine – establish and keep to a schedule as best as possible.  When you set expectations, it’s more likely they will be accomplished.
  • Maintain accountability – schedule check-ins with friends so kids realize they are not alone
  • Reward – give rewards that will motivate them
  • Mark the occasion – plan a celebration with family or friends or a virtual class party when they complete assigned work or projects

For more info on how to help keep your kids motivated visit Keeping Kids Motivated for Online Learning by Caroline Knorr at Common Sense Media.

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