Gun Safety and Storage

Storing guns safely can help prevent deaths

Deaths from unintentional shootings, suicide and even intentional shootings can be reduced when guns in the home are stored and locked properly.  When a shooting in a home occurs, it is referred to as Family Fire. 

If you have guns in your home, you can help prevent such shootings by following these guidelines:

  • Store guns locked, unloaded and separate from ammunition
  • Ask friends, family and community members about guns in their home that are unlocked and loaded
  • Have a conversation with those in your circle about responsible gun ownership
  • Learn about how to store guns safely and famaliarize yourself with gun laws in your state
  • Reaccess your home over time; reevaluate if you need to change how you're guns are being stored in light of your current family situation

Every day in the U.S. over 63 people die due to suicide from a self inflicted gun shot. Proper storage may help prevent this from happening to someone you love.  Even children who have been exposed to guns through sports or hunting are curious.  Talking to them about gun safety is a good first step; but there is more we can do.

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