Join JOY Crew


Why Volunteer?

If you have been inspired by The JOY FM and feel passionate about this ministry, you are the kind of person we want to be a part of JOY Crew – our volunteer crew. Becoming a part of this important team of dedicated volunteers is a fun, fulfilling and meaningful way to make a difference and help others FIND JOY. What’s more, sharing your time to serve others can transform YOU as well as the world around you!

Ways To Serve

The JOY FM is looking for a group of select people to help others FIND JOY by interacting with the public at local community events… playing JOY FM music and handing out promotional items. Serving on the JOY Crew team is all about fun, music and most importantly, ministry. 


Becoming a part of JOY Crew requires the following:

• Positively representing The JOY FM brand by interacting with all those approaching our table at local festivals and/or concerts.
• Helping to set up a tent and table(s) at events
• Includes some moderate lifting
• Caring about people
• Having an outgoing personality
• Desiring to serve as an expression
of your faith

Be Involved! Make A Difference!

Apply to join the JOY Crew

If you are interested in helping The JOY FM as a volunteer for our upcoming events, please fill out this form. If you are selected, one of our Team Members will reach out to you. Thank you!

Please note: You must be 19 years old or older to apply. Limited space for volunteers is available. Applicants will be contacted depending on availablity. Thank you for your interest!