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In the short period of time that Pioneer Ford has been operating, we have won the prestigious President's Awards for Best Customer Service from Ford six times.  Every department at Pioneer Ford strives for excellence in all they do.

The Financial Department has shown this by obtaining the Partners in Quality award for 6 years, which is the highest award Ford Credit can offer. Pioneer Ford has won 15 major awards in 8 years. Pioneer also ensures peace of mind in owning a vehicle with a Service Department that has sent 2 Master-Certified Technicians out of the 3 allowed from the state of Georgia, which holds over 2,000 technicians over the state, for the last 2 years to the prestigious Ford Technicians Challenge.

The many accomplishments and achievements of Pioneer Ford all speak towards one goal. Above all, Pioneer Ford and every member of its family and staff aim to bring you a vehicle you love, ensure your happiness and comfort through the entire process, and allow the relationship between you and the Pioneer family to only grow stronger after you drive your new vehicle home. It is easy to see why people have come from California to Washington DC to get the service, appreciation, and care only provided at Pioneer Ford.

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