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GracePoint Insurance is an Independent Insurance Agency representing many different companies for your insurance needs. We carefully selected each of our carriers to provide you with the best level of service, price, and coverage. The main advantage to using an independent insurance agency, is that we work to satisfy your specific needs. The GracePoint mission is to educate and serve our customers all over Georgia and the Southeast. This starts by assessing all of your insurance needs. From there, we are able to pair you with a company that will best fit the mold that you need to adequately cover your family. Because we have hand picked each of our carriers, we are able to provide our customers with the best coverage at competitive rates.

Being a part of the GracePoint Insurance family is more than just being another customer of another old insurance agency. Our mission is to serve you like our own family. Our Customers are a vital part of our mission and vision that stretches far beyond insurance and financial services. Just by simply being a customer here you are helping our team impact our community and world by feeding hungry children and orphans, digging wells for villages to have clean water, supporting single parent families, providing outlets to youth whose parents are incarcerated, helping to provide a car or transportation for a family in need, and so many more.

GracePoint's name and mission go hand in hand, by devoting ourselves to be a point of grace to those who need it most. Yes, we are a faith-based agency and we are proud to be a team whose passion is to serve and love others unabandoned. We believe in the Golden rule and do our best to follow it by example. The reason we care so much about you and your family, and the protection of what you hold close to your hearts, is because serving you and having amazing customers like you, is what allows our agency to serve far beyond what we do here in the office. To us, you are a hero and a blessing that keeps us moving. So, we thank our customers and those we get to serve, because without you our mission would not be complete. You may never know the full impact of what is done because of your partnership in our agency, but rest assured you are helping to change lives all over. This is one of the many reasons why we are honored to have the ability to protect you and your family.

If there is ever anything you need from myself or our team, please reach out and let us know. Give us a call or text at 678-224-9333 or contact us through one of our online quote forms, and we'll be happy to answer any of your questions.

God Bless!

Daniel Tillberry

Agency Owner, GracePoint Insurance


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