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Bringing the good news of the Kingdom of God to a diverse city.

That’s the vision we at St. Paul’s have for our city. That the glory of Christ – the visible presence of the transcendent God – would be our glory. That the saving power and transforming love of God would be made real in every aspect of our lives, our families and our communities. More than some religious abstraction set amidst ceremony and tradition, we desire a personal encounter with the risen Lord Jesus. Our hope is that through the promises of God in Scripture, by faith in Christ Jesus, we might “become partakers of the divine nature.” (2 Peter 1:4)

What would it mean to proclaim the gospel – the grace and truth of Jesus – with our lives? How might that look? Simply stated, it would transform everything in and around us. It would breathe new life, instill new hope, and impart new purpose. Its redemptive effects would reach all of Midtown, indeed, all of Atlanta – from the poor, homeless and sexually broken, to the elderly, unchurched and disillusioned. And it would create a church community worth knowing and seeking.

At St. Paul’s Presbyterian, the glory of Christ is the central aim in all we do – our worship, preaching, community, and service to others. We minister as a home, a hospital and a haven.

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