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We are a church of grace with a deep desire to share the good news of the Gospel to this community and beyond. Located in the Chattahoochee Valley, Spring Road Christian Church is a non-denominational congregation. Our mission is to simply “love people to Jesus Christ.” That means at Spring Road you’ll find open doors full of grace. It doesn’t matter your race, your wealth, nor what you have been through in the past. At Spring Road, you’ll find open arms full of love.

Spring Road Christian Church features:

:: Live worship that blends reverent hymns with newer upbeat worship songs

:: Practical Bible-based teaching

:: Quality children’s programs

:: Student Ministry focusing on community and life-change

There is a spirit of excitement, joy, determination to grow in the Lord, and desire to be a community of faith that God wants us to be. It would be an honor to have you worship with us on Sunday. We’ll be looking just for you.

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