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Spiritually we have been made aware, that the Church, God's people, need to be cared for. The cry of our heart is to seek God on the behalf of those weak, downtrodden and hurt, providing a sanctuary for those same to come and be molded by the Holy Spirit into productive Christians. To be a place that provides the young and old alike opportunity to learn of God, to grow and mature in Him and to be trained in the things of the Lord. As these weak become strong and mature, they will take the Good News of the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ and go into all the world. To be a place and people, free from man-made
devices and traditions, being Spirit-lead and Spirit-filled in all that we do. To provide a place where God can pastor His people in the manner He desires, as He originally intended. That The Shield of Faith be an instrument used of God to cause the Name of Jesus to be exalted in this area and also the world. To establish works that are in line with the same above vision.

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