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Welcome to Old Camp Church, where the worship is heartfelt, the message is straightforward, and the children and students are given high priority.

At OCC we appreciate authenticity, and treasure transparency. We’re real people, in a real world, serving a real God. That means we aim for a balanced mixture of lighthearted community-awareness and thoughtful God-awareness.

Have you ever felt “out of place” when faced with outmoded musical instruments, arcane religious jargon, and inexplicable rituals? We have, too. We’ve replaced those would-be barriers with culturally-relevant music, language, and traditions.

Oh, and guests are always welcome to investigate our beliefs, and practices, in the pursuit of truth. So, whether you’re a spiritual seeker or a committed Christian, you’ve come to the right place … a great place to get serious about God!

Please look around and get to know us … We’ll stay here and greet our next guest. And by the way, Iwe are so glad you stopped by!

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