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OUR HISTORY New Hope is a church of humble beginnings. Our inaugural meetings were held in a family’s basement, and the sessions paved the way for forty-five believers to eventually rent the Cedar Grove United Methodist Church in January 1985. In 1992, the membership increased to seventy-six; however, since then, our membership has grown steadily by an average of twenty souls per year. It was always our goal to own a place of worship. With that in mind, we resolved to set aside some money every day for our church building fund. When the 5.42 acre property on Panthersville Road became available, there was no outside help forthcoming. We knew that "God helps those who help themselves," so predictably, three of our church families (Assam, Davis and Lassiter) used their homes as collateral to purchase this property in August 1991. We renovated the dilapidated Butler Building on the property and converted it into a sanctuary in December 1993. The construction project was accomplished through the untiring efforts of our skilled as well as unskilled members and friends who unselfishly gave up their evenings and weekends until the task was complete.

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