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1 We are a vibrant congregation with a diverse population, from loads of children to our retired members.

At Good Shepherd there is a place for everyone and all are wanted and needed as we seek to share the blessings of Jesus Christ in this community. We reach out through worship, our homeless ministry, our ministry to poorer children in our schools, our many youth groups, our Bible Studies, special fellowship and service events, and in too many other ways to list.

At Good Shepherd there is a safe haven in the brokenness of this world. There is a message of life and love in the celebration of faith. Here you will find a people who believe that the joy of life is
found in loving our Lord and loving each other. Judgment belongs somewhere else, not in God’s house.

Come see us! Come Worship! Come fellowship with us on Wednesday Nights! Come be a part of a family founded on the joy and diversity of Jesus Christ. You are wanted and you are welcome!

May God share his light with you today and in the days to come!

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