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We are a connected church. The contemporary church has lost its way simply because it no longer sees need of connectedness to the past. This anti-historical position has resulted in superficiality and ignorance and unfortunately a repetition of many of the errors and mistakes of churches throughout church history.

When the Church loses touch with her past, she easily forgets who she is and why she exists. This is precisely what we have seen develop over the past half-century in the evangelical church in America. She has lost her connectedness!

According to the Scriptures, the Christian faith “was once delivered to the saints,” (Jude 3) and, therefore, does not change with every passing generation, we believe that we have a lot to gain from 2000 years of Christian history and tradition. We stand on the shoulders of faithful men and women who have come before us. Our corporate worship on the Lord’s Day is an expression of our appreciation for the rich worship and musical heritage that has been handed down to us through the ages. That is part of the reason that we continue to sing hymns from a common Trinity Hymnal as the words are rich with theology and Christ centered in focus.

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