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DeeperLife Outreach Ministries Inc. is a Pentecostal institution. It derives its understanding from the concept of the church modeled in scriptures. The character of Pentecostalism will become central by giving focus to qualities that are unique to its tradition. They define and drive the church in the context of a warm and loving church as seen in the New Testament (ecclesia). The church exists to bear witness for Christ. To communicate the life-changing message of Jesus Christ to lost persons, presenting them with the PERSON, WORK, and TEACHINGS of Jesus Christ, and proclaim Him to be the Person to live for and the Bible as the Authority to live by, utilizing all possible means. To begin to look at DeeperLife Outreach Ministries Inc., who we are, what it is, and what it teaches, we believe that it is appropriate to ask you to meet us at the cross, for we believe that the cross is the starting point for each Christian. It is at the old rugged cross, the ancient symbol of redemption that our journey of faith begins. The path of every believer proceeds from the cross, for it is there that we come face-to-face with the overwhelming love of God, a love that prompted the sacrifice His son Jesus Christ; and the price of our sins was completely paid.

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