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Vision Statement
Strengthening the family of God one child at a time.

While we do have a strong children’s/youth program, we are committed to strengthening the faith of children of every age!

Mission Statement
We acknowledge Jesus Christ as head of our Church. We will be faithful to God’s call in all phases of our lives. Worship, including the preached Word, the Sacraments, prayer, music, tithing, and our spiritual development will be at the center of all we do. We will encourage and show compassion for one another in Christian fellowship, and as we reach out in love to our growing and changing community. We realize that this mission can only be accomplished as we actively seek to be a God-centered Church, supported by intentional prayer, and directed by the leading of the Holy Spirit. We believe that growth in all these areas is an expression of our faithfulness to God’s plan for Bethany Presbyterian Church.

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