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Abundant Life Church is a church ministry based in Locust Grove, Georgia, United States. Currently led by Apostle Jeremiah Hosford, the church's Lead Apostle, ALC has now become a powerful ministry, which is making a significant impact on the Kingdom of God in the region. It also impacted many other people around the world. ALC was first started in Jackson many decades ago. The lead apostle then found out that there were no Pentecostal churches in the country. The initial meeting of the minds through bible studies in the living room of the lead apostle created excellent ideas and global vision, with the sole purpose of life change through Jesus Christ being carried out every day. Through the efforts and guidance of the Lord Almighty, ALC easily found many excellent church workers creating impacts on hundreds of believers. And from a simple living room, the impact of the mission has tremendously grown to multiple churches around the globe. As the group forges into the future, it truly believes that the greater days of the ministry are yet to be born. With the help of the Almighty Jesus, the group envisions adding to their growing list of campuses, which now includes Locust Grove, GA; Forsyth, GA; and Tullamore, Ireland. Its compassion center and reach teams provide compassionate and evangelistic outreach in many communities. ALC’s Compassion Center and REACH continue to provide compassionate and evangelistic outreach in the communities it serves. It will continue to add to the mission efforts that it supported around the globe, including its own community like Hope Farms Recovery Center, which helps rescue women from life-controlling circumstances. ALC believes that people are so important in order to reach its mission of developing godly leaders to further His cause. You can visit Abundant Life Church (ALC) at its address at 751 Dean Patrick Rd. Locust Grove, GA; Or call telephone Numbers 7770.775.4838.

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