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Our story is similar to that of the Children of Israel coming out of Egypt. They were thrust out, into the desert, not knowing where they were headed, much less how they were going to make it. But just as God had a plan for them, He had a plan for us. Through hurt, tears, and pain, God turned our situation around, leading us to our promised land. We started our ministry out of homes with a determination to pursue all that God had for us. For eight months, we did what we had to do, building our foundation on trusting the Lord. We looked for buildings to rent, even looked for church buildings to purchase, but all leads came to a closed door. But then one day, God’s plan revealed itself to us and the pieces fell into place. Abiding Love Community was miraculously blessed with our new church home, with all contents, COMPLETELY DONATED. We are truly experiencing the “exceeding abundantly above all that we could ask or think” kind of work that only comes from the Lord!

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