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Our vision as a church is to be used by God in “transforming lives by the power of the gospel.” The centerpiece of this vision is our corporate worship each Sunday in which we devote ourselves to God’s ordinary means of grace: the reading, preaching, and singing of Scripture; prayer; and the sacraments of Baptism and the Lord’s Supper. It is through these ordinary means of grace that God is rightly glorified and enjoyed, and it is through these means that God promises to bless and transform the lives of his people. However, in addition to gathering for weekly corporate worship, the Scripture also calls God’s people to lives of on-going fellowship and outreach with one another in which the transforming power of the gospel can bear fruit in the context of personal relationships. Westminster provides an exciting variety of ways to develop meaningful relationships in which you can offer your service to others and be on the receiving end of others’ service to you. It is through this vital combination of corporate worship and life-on-life fellowship and ministry in the body of Christ that lives are most fully transformed by the power of the gospel. Rev. Aaron Messner, Senior Pastor

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